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Here are a few pictures from our recent VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL. This was the first time our church has held one. We had an awesome turn-out of at least 60 young people a night. We had 91 different kids attend (not all at once).

From the top left, clockwise...Mike and Sharon, directors of Vacation Bible School; left side of our sanctuary when kids are just starting to arrive; Keila and Noah (couldn't get them to turn around) in the 3-4 group; Shot of a few young adults who came to help; and the right side of the classes.

SORRY, this page is under construction. I have to get some pictures of our youth group to put up here. And being away at college makes it just a little bit difficult to do so.

The Church of Jesus Christ's Youth Group is on FIRE!

New Youth Group leaders!!!

Jim and Sarah Snyder have taken over the youth group. Treat them as you treated Bro. Blain!

Tuesday nights is a prayer service put together by the youth group. Anyone may attend. If you want to worship, pray, or be prayed for, you may come and join the youth group.

Thurday nights is youth Bible study. Topic is usually chosen the week before, but many times we just ask questions and try to find answers. So if you want to come, bring questions or topics. Meeting time is 7 pm in the church reception hall.

Friday nights, there are occasional youth meetings, but we haven't had one for awhile. Check the bulletin board for postings (i.e. Bowling, canoeing, camping, etc.).


Sorry guys, no one wants their picture taken. I'll try to get some and post them as soon as possible. Until then, Internet users, you guys will just have to wonder what we all look like.

people have seen this page under construction.


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